Webresizer API - Settings

The API is available under the GNU 2.0 licence. See the terms.

Some builtin customizations are available. The rest is up to you!

Thumbnail Size

Set the height and width in wzsettings.css

Change Language

Change the values of wz.api.loc. Also modify the html as required.

Specify a Sample Image

wz.api.sample sets the filename, wz.api.sampleSize sets the sample image file size in bytes.

Display Download Links

Turn download links on or off by setting the value of wz.api.showDownload. Turn On = 1, Turn Off = 0.

Change Style

Change the styles by modifying included CSS however you like. Change ids or class names with care. Some styles are controlled by javascript and may be modified by setting wz.api.styles.

Minimum and Maximum Console Values

wz.api.def defines settings for console input field values: minimum and maximum (ranges displayed to the right of input fields), button increments and default values.

e.g. to specify a default image width of 400px set: wz.api.def.size.v = 400

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